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InstaViewer, a Mac App for Instagram with which you can browse beautiful pictures, newest uploads of your friends
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16 December 2012

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This is a picture viewer for Mac for pictures shared in Instagram.

InstaViewer, a Mac App for Instagram. You could browse pictures; newest uploads of your friends or interesting people you may be following. The app will let you comment on the pictures you view. It is possible to “like” them like you could do in Facebook. If you wanted to download the pictures and add them to your collections, that’s possible too. You can do that in different sizes too. This has a simple and easy to use interface. It is intuitive enough that most users should get familiar with it quite easily. Getting productive with it should not take much time. Anyone expert enough to use a Mac should easily take to this application very quickly. Sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter or Skype is possible. Downloading is as easy as dragging & dropping the picture to your desktop.

Registering for an account and later after you are logged in you can look at notifications, clean your friends/followers list through follow/unfollow instructions, etc. Unfortunately you cannot upload photos to Instagram through this app. Through the photo browsing and the notifications, etc. you can be on top of your social circle and be aware of what’s happening to your friends easily. On the display when viewing the images, you could choose the size. This could be small, medium or large. Downloaded pictures can easily be arranged in suitable albums. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

InstaViewer, a Mac App for Instagram with which you can browse beautiful pictures, newest uploads of your friends, or interesting people to follow. Further more, you can comment on pictures, like them, download them, or watch them in different size.
InstaViewer allows you to browse the newest pictures and view the latest uploads. InstaViewer provides a simple, convenient and nice way for you to view, appreciate and comment beautiful and imaginative photos of others.
Main Features:
Know what's going on with your friends. View your friends' feed, popular pictures, comments.
Comment on pictures or like pictures. Share photos on Facebook, Twitter or Skype.
Download popular pictures through drag & drop and save them in your fantastic albums.
Log in your account and see you get new notifications, messages.
Find new people that you can follow.
Follow/ Unfollow people to manage your interpersonal relationship circle.
See a large amount of pictures at the same time and view them in different size.
Sadly, NO uploading because it is forbidden by Instagram.
CokeSoft InstaViewer
CokeSoft InstaViewer
Version 1.0
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